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By: Bob Speirs April 17, 2014
Coyotes 2

South Dakota is coyote killing country.

We shoot them from planes and roads, from our vehicles and at night. We hold contests...

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By: Bob Speirs April 10, 2014
The turkeys spring prom

It is a reverent time of year; Easter, Prom, and the opening of spring turkey season.

The blue bird boxes are filling up and...

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By: Bob Speirs March 27, 2014
Lion on crow peak 2014

His tracks are enormous.

In the one good trail camera photo I have of him, his front paw has left the ground and you can...

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By: Mark Kayser March 26, 2014

Opening day for most turkey hunters is just around the corner. Turkeys are gobbling, strutting and even separating from large...

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By: March 19, 2014

Mark Kayser talks with Cleave Dwire of Bull Creek Lion Hunts. Cleave covers what you can expect and what you can do to prepare...

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