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By: Bob Speirs January 22, 2015
Young hunter with pair of prime winter coyotes

The evening breeze carries a hunter’s duet.

It is the sound of the predators seated at the top of their food chain. They are the...

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By: Mark Maggs January 20, 2015
Maggs & Williams 2015 Double Mountain Lions

See Brandon William's Photos!

See Mark Maggs' Photos!

A year ago a friend of mine called me and asked me to take him along...

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By: Bob Speirs January 14, 2015

Some eat what they kill, some what they garden, and some buy it all at the store. But whether, hunting, gardening, or shopping we...

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By: Bob Speirs January 08, 2015
Justice and the lion

Sunday night at church, Warren mentioned that they had gotten their limits hunting near Ludlow.

In these final days of South...

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By: Jim Fousek January 03, 2015

Many memories flood my mind when we talk about "The Ranch" but this memory tops them all.  After tagging out on my first archery...

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By: Bob Speirs January 01, 2015

Did you know that wolves eat dogs? 

Wolves will actually attack a dog on the end of a leash right in front of their terrified...

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