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By: Bob Speirs June 25, 2015

“Be careful out there. You miss a few of those targets and you’ll never see your arrow again.”

The Northern Hills Bow Hunters 3-D Shoot came with a...

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By: Bob Speirs June 18, 2015

I will always see Marc Casavan as the jovial high school student I first met in the 80’s. He had a contagious smile and willingly lent a hand without...

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By: Bob Speirs June 11, 2015

The river was up, near record book levels.

The campground at the Glendive Montana intakes was still above water, but there were no guarantees for how long....

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By: Bob Speirs June 04, 2015

Elk licenses have already been applied for and deer and antelope seasons are just a few months away. A lucky South Dakota hunter or two will even get to...

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By: Bob Speirs May 28, 2015

“Put them back.”

The Canadian geese had been gathering worms along the country road. They were digesting theirs. We were just picking up a few in...

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By: Bob Speirs May 21, 2015

I have a mountain lion rug in my den that was seven years in the making.

For years before I earned a lion, I wrote stories about cat hunting, muffed shots,...

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