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By: Corey Hazelwood September 26, 2014
Corey 3

In January 2014, a friend of mine I attended U.S. Army flight school with (a true American hero and fellow Apache Longbow pilot)...

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By: Bob Speirs September 26, 2014
John cammacks state record bighorn 09

The GFP is not funded by state taxes.

Approximately 90% of their budget comes each season from a combination of licenses sales...

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By: Bob Speirs September 19, 2014
Crow Creek Wildlife

By 7:30 that night I knew I wasn’t getting out of the woods anytime soon.

My shirt and coat were soaked through from a...

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By: Bob Speirs September 12, 2014
Healthy habitat leads to healthier herds

There are several unwritten but often discussed rivalries that exists between South Dakota’s people of the prairie and her...

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By: Bob Speirs September 03, 2014
The debate team elk packing crew 2013

The season had only been open for half an hour when the bull’s antlers began to drift into view and only fifty yards away. He was...

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