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By: Bob Speirs October 30, 2014
Three velvet bulls in the black hills

The lead cow’s urgent bark informed the other elk that it was time to roll.

She had caught a whiff or heard a sound and knew...

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By: Bob Speirs October 23, 2014

How long will the federal government leave the western Dakota’s defenseless against the advance of wolves?

As a boy, I loved the...

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By: Bob Speirs October 16, 2014

South Dakotans occasionally fail to remember that the Black Hills are shared with Wyoming.

Steve Kozel is the district ranger...

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By: Bob Speirs October 09, 2014

Wyatt McCoy lives on the banks of the Belle Fourche River.

During the comings and goings of his young life he has seen all of...

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By: Bob Speirs October 03, 2014
Next years bull

My son’s smile from behind the decoy made my entire season.

I hunt for a very different reason today than I did in my youth....

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