First Archery Buck

Excited is an understatement when it comes to describing how I felt about my first archery buck. 

I had been sitting in my tree stand all morning in complete stillness. It was starting to seem that nothing would be walking by me that morning. Just as I was thinking about heading out, I looked to my right and saw two bucks coming my way. They were about 60 yards away so I quickly ranged in a couple of trees nearby. As soon as this buck stopped with his head behind a tree 30 yards away, I drew back and let my arrow fly. I could hardly hear anything over the sound of my heart beating out of my chest but I knew I had hit him somewhere. 

He ran off into the woods far enough so that I couldn't see him anymore. I got down, marked the spot I hit him, and went in to wait a couple hours. Two hours later we went out to track his blood trail. It wasn't looking promising at first with only small drops of blood as we went along. I decided to go back up and see if I could find my arrow. I was looking all over the ground when I noticed the arrow sticking in a tree. It had gone completely through him and then stuck in a tree that was 20 yards behind where he stood. Realizing that this was a great sign, we continued on the blood trail. After about 30 yards, we saw a big blood spray on a tree. Looking past the tree and down the hill, there were bushes and tall grass completely flattened with large amounts of blood. I walked a little bit farther and there he was laying there, 60 yards from where I shot him. 

I'll never forget the feeling of excitement and accomplishment as I saw my first archery buck laying there. 

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