First Blood - Teach Them Young

A very nice 5x5 was walking straight up the draw towards me, then someone came up the draw on the other side and spooked him. I took off running after him hoping to catch him on one of the draws. Right when I caught up to him I heard a bang bang from my right 3-400 yards away and saw the big buck running up the draw. I quickly went prone and dropped him with a single shot right before he ran over the top. I met up with the guy who was shooting and he introduced himself. He had his little boy with him that was at the age that had 10 questions for every answer you'd give him. Nicest people. 

We walked up to the buck and he had clipped his hind quarter before I dropped him. Once I saw the blood I told him he drew blood first the deer was his. He was a little shocked but I told him its the rule of first blood, he drew blood first. There was no arguing, no harsh words, or hard feelings. He asked me about 25 times if I was sure though! He said I dropped him and was more then welcome to him, but I knew what was right in my mind and heart. Hopefully that little boy learned a valuable lesson and will become a great hunter like his dad! 

I stood around with them a bit, took their photo together with the nice buck and also got a photo with him in case I didn't end up filling my tag I'd still have the photo to document the memory. Walking back to where I was sitting initially, I saw a pretty nice buck running with a group of does with an even bigger buck running right behind all of them. Their course was right towards me. 

Well to keep the story short, I filled my tag. With all his extra character I call him an 8x10. I guess I had a little good karma coming from the man upstairs. Ironically/funny enough, this deer had been shot too, he had a wooden arrow shaft through his backstraps. Thankfully it was healed and had to of been from last year.


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