Get Your Trophy Officially Scored

The adrenaline is pumping, your legs have a slight tremor, and your hands are sore from giving high-fives to everyone in your hunting party.  The big one is down at your feet!

Your hard work, your preparation or just plain luck - whatever it was that helped you bag this trophy, you're thankful!

Now What?!

Most hunters, after bagging a big trophy will ask themselves two questions:

1. Should I get this mounted?

2. What does it officially score?

The first question is quite easy - if you can afford it, and if you have space to hang it, of course!  If you need a good taxidermist to help, you can find many in the  SD Taxidermist category within the SD Hunting Directory.

The answer to the second question is a bit more complex.  While anyone can  download the score charts to measure their own trophy, in order to be a B&C or P&Y trophy, you'll need to do two things:

1. Meet the minimum score required:

American Typical Elk 360 260
American Non-Typical Elk 385 300
Bighorn Sheep 175 140
Bison 115 100
Cougar 14 8/16 13 8/16
Typical Mule Deer 180 145
Non-Typical Mule Deer 215 170
Pronghorn 80 67
Rocky Mountain Goat 47 40
Typical Whitetail Deer 160 125
Non-Typical Whitetail Deer 185 155

2. The second step is to have an Official Measurer put the tape on your trophy!

Think yours might qualify?  

Here's the easy steps to ensuring your trophy gets Officially scored - and who knows...maybe even get in the  Record Book!

Step 1:  Document your hunt.

Where, when, how.  All will be questions asked in the official documents required by Boone & Crockett or Pope & Young.  Identifying the location of your harvest, the date it was taken, and identifying the method are critical to the correct categorization of your trophy.

Step 2:  Save your Tag!  

Many hunters discard their tag once the animal has been transported and butchered.  If you believe your animal is book-worthy, save this tag - it is the official proof that your trophy was taken legally!

Step 3:  Get lots of Good Quality Photos.

Part of the submission to B&C and P&Y is to include field photos and photos of the trophy for the official record.  Ensure your photos are good quality - not only because they will potentially be used in the Record Book, but because you typically only get one shot at taking the pictures that may need to last a lifetime of story-telling!  Check out these  helpful hints for taking good field photos.

Step 4:  Wait 60 Days.

Qualifying an "Official" score requires that they trophy is not measured before 60 days has expired after harvest.  Measurements taken before the 60 days are considered "green score" and will not qualify as official.  Remember - do not freeze the rack/antlers as this puts the 60 day period on pause for the duration of the freeze.  Horns/Antlers do shrink slightly during this period, so while a green score will give you an idea of the score, it cannot be certified until the 60 day drying period.

Step 5: Find an Official Measurer

You can reach out to official measurers in your area to schedule a time to sit down and get your trophy officially scored. 

If you cannot find a measurer in your area from the Pope & Young list, you may consider searching for a Boone & Crockett measurer in your area. The Pope & Young Club accepts animals measured by Official Boone and Crockett measurers. 

Official Boone & Crockett Measurers:

Name Phone City
Barry Betts
(605) 234-9093 Oacoma, SD
Larry Fredrickson
(605) 234-5139 Chamberlain, SD
Neil Lawson
(575) 740-1161 Custer, SD
Warren Jackson
(605) 997-3429 Egan, SD
Rip Rippentrop
(307) 389-1216 Hot Springs, SD
Stanley Rauch
(605) 860-8887 Lake Preston, SD
Tom Norwick
(605) 996-0337 Mitchell, SD
Nick Elk Looks Back    
(605) 747-2288 Parmelee, SD
David Linde
(605) 342-8181 Rapid City, SD
Lawrence Gunner (605) 685-5309 Sioux Falls, SD
Micah Mauney
(970) 275-0116 Sioux Falls, SD
Jason Boke
(605) 645-9694 Spearfish, SD
Ron Pesek
(605) 665-7252 Yankton, SD
Gary English
(605) 391-9515 Rapid City, SD
Mark Clausen
(605) 280-5596 Pierre, SD

Official Pope & Young Measurers:

Roger Heintzman Home: 605-225-5596 Aberdeen, SD
Roger Heupel Home: 605-229-4223
Work: 605-377-4622
Aberdeen, SD
Jason L. Converse Home: 605-690-6293 Arlington, SD
Larry F. Fredrickson Home: 605-234-5139 Chamberlain, SD
Stan Rauch Home: 605-847-5121
Work: 605-860-8887
Lake Preston, SD
R. Craig Oberle Home: 605-887-3523 Mellette, SD
James \Jim\ Twamley Home: 605-297-3906
Work: 605-940-9678
Parker, SD
Robert G. Barden Home: 605-224-7044 Pierre, SD
Paul A. Anderson Home: 605-673-2176
Work: 605-366-4757
Rapid City, SD
Dwight D. Pochant Home: 605-348-6070
Work: 605-430-5442
Rapid City, SD
Eldon Hagen Home: 605-339-0225 Sioux Falls, SD
Thomas A. Tiedemann Home: 605-275-5557
Work: 605-366-1663
Sioux Falls, SD
David Cull Home: 605-661-0877
Work: 605-665-8340
Yankton, SD
Ron Pesek Home: 605-665-7252 Yankton, SD

Step 5:  Prepare for your meeting

Your official measurer will help guide you through the process, but you can help by reviewing the following checklists to ensure when the time comes, you have everything you need in hand when getting your trophy certified!  

Boone & Crockett Trophy Submission Checklist

A. Official Scoring Form - Completed by the B&C Official Measurer

B. Entry Affidavit: *

C. Hunter, Guide & Hunt Information Sheet: *

D. Photographs

  • Clearly focused, close-up photographs of the front, left side, and right side of your trophy's antlers or horns or tusks. 
  • For bears and cats, we need clearly focused, close-up photographs of the front, left side, right side, and top of the clean, dried skull.

E.  Payment: $40 check or money order payable to the Boone & Crockett Club.

F. Copy of the License or Tag.  

 *Then Entry Affidavit and HGH will be signed during your meeting with the B&C official measurer.

Pope & Young Trophy Submission Checklist

A. Official Scoring Form  Completed by the Official Measurer (either P&Y or B&C)

B. Fair Chase Affidavit:  Completed and signed by the bowhunter and signed by a witness.

C. Photographs

  • Three (3) photographs of the antlers, horns or skull (a view from the front, a view from the left and a view from the right)
  • A field photo (of the animal and the hunter), if available

D.  Recording Fee  $35 payable to the Pope & Young Club

Congratulations on your harvest, good luck with your measurements - and  we'd love to hear and share the story of your hunt!

Columnist: Jason Boke

Jason founded in 2010 in an effort to help hunters and outfitters from across South Dakota share stories and photos with hunting enthusiasts nationwide. As a fourth generation South Dakotan and an avid hunter, writer, and technology junkie, he utilizes this website to help promote ethical hunting values, support and promote South Dakota based hunting businesses and ensure that hunting traditions are passed on to future generations.


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