Hunt of a Lifetime

October 31, 2017 | By: Laura Rodriguez

For the last 9 years, my birthday gift for my dad, Jim Robbins of Florence, was applying for the various South Dakota elk seasons.

This year, Dad turned 70, and he told me that I could stop applying.  Well, I did it for one more year, and when he drew a tag, my brother, Mike, and I were more excited than he was! 

As it sank in, though, his excitement grew, and he worked hard to be in top shape and well-practiced with the rifle (he's usually a bowhunter). We fit in a September scouting trip and were ready to go on October 1. That first week was a mix of ups and downs (literally and figuratively!) as we put on MANY hiking miles. We had some close calls, getting super close to shooting a big bull on opening morning, but always with just one thing that didn't go right. We got into elk every day, though, so we enjoyed the hunt and the bugling elk, despite the surprise snow and temps in the mid-twenties. We went home empty handed that week but with some great memories. 

Ten days later, we headed back out. This week had more close opportunities, but no shot until this guy on Friday morning. We had narrowed down his bedding area, so we set up to ambush. He came in with his herd, and Dad made the shot. 

What a privilege for father, son, and daughter to hunt together!

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