Last Day Lady

I am a last day lady!

I almost always get my buck the last day....and I know exactly is because MORE THAN ANYTHING I LOVE THE HUNT. I LOVE the memories I'm making with my kids. I LOVE teaching them about nature and hunting. I LOVE every second of nonstop laughing in the pickup, the freak out excitement of seeing big bucks, the anticipation ...and planning spot and stalk.

This is not the biggest buck I hunted today, but the long stalk I made with my Allie was beyond worth it. He is a decent nice buck and I am so blessed to have this amazing time with my family. Grandpa Bill was there and along with Kevin, Brianna and Dawson...from the top of a ridge they all got to watch the entire hunt as Allie and I made a great stalk on this antelope.

We sneaked up on him and I smoked him at 260 yards. It was AWESOME! 

I will never forget this great day ❤❤❤❤❤ #huntingfamiliesrock #girlswithguns #trophychick #mykidsarebadass #huntingislife

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