Late for Work

Thursday morning November 16th I for some reason could not sleep. I was up at 4am and for no good reason. So, I made me a breakfast and was checking Facebook and just sitting around when I decided I have 2 hours of day light before I have to be to work. Maybe, I should go for a drive and see what I see for bucks moving. Might see a good one to hunt the following weekend or who knows maybe even get lucky and get a good one. I loaded my little Chevy Colorado with my gear and took off just as light was starting to show outside. 

That morning there was deer moving all over. I saw 16 whitetail bucks but most all of them where two and a half year old little 4x4’s. At 7 o’clock my alarm on my phone went off and I kind of smiled as I thought “time to get up for work”. At this time I was just pulling off the main road into an old farm stead that some friends of mine own and let me hunt. I pulled up to the end of the tree belt and shut the pickup off looking into some CRP type grass and down a couple tree belts they had planted years ago. After about 15 minutes of sitting and watching 3 doe all of the sudden a 4th doe comes running out of the tree belt with a buck behind her. I could tell this was no two and a half year old buck and I was sizing him up to decide if he was what I wanted to take. He was looking straight my direction and I was on the fence about if he was big enough for me to punch my tag. Then he turned his head and looked over at the doe he had been chasing. When I saw the palmation on that left side of his head I smiled pretty big and made my mind up fast. He then followed the doe into the tree belt so I quietly got out of my pickup, loaded my rifle and proceeded down the tree belt toward the deer. I crested a little rise and there he was only 80 yards away. I shouldered the .300 win mag, settled the crosshairs and the rifle fired. I heard the smack of the 168gr burger hit him but he didn’t drop, flinch or anything. He just took off running North as I watched him run up the hill jump the fence and cross the road. So I walked to my pickup and drove over to the main road near where he crossed and started into the harvested flower field on foot. I was only about 50 yards into the field when I saw him stand up way on the other side of the quarter I was in. I ranged him, set my Huskemaw scope, took a knee and turned up the power on my scope and concentrated on the shot. The rifle fired and again I heard a smack from the bullet hitting the buck and he stumbled forward and fell dead. After tagging, gutting and the task of loading a good buck on my own it was right at about the time I should be getting to work. By the time I got to work I was 45 minutes late. I am just lucky my boss really likes to hunt like do and he understands that deer season is only once a year and that no matter what I don’t leave at the end of the week unless my work is done.

This buck did not score real high he was only like 146 inches, the palmation stuff is not a normal thing and I like the weird bucks. I think he scores just fine on the crazy cool scale and even better on the Betty Crocker scale, because after all we hunt to fill the freezer.

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