Let Him Walk

My history with the deer started in August of 2016. My hunting partner and I were on our way to check cameras and we were discussing how we have never had a giant on camera in the 5 or 6 years that we have hunted the spot. Low and behold to our surprise there he was on camera bout 10 mins after that conversation!

The first time I laid eyes on him in person was when he snuck up beside my blind and presented himself as 5 yards. As the weeks went on it was hard to let him walk, finding myself drawing back on him numerous times. I told myself that he is very young and dreaming of what he could be in one more year. Altogether I believe I saw him on 7 different occasions, 6 of which he was in shooting distance with my Hoyt. I knew that our hunting spot had to be his house as often as I had seen him. Hoping and praying that he made it through rifle season, my hunting partner laid eyes on him the day after rife season ended- which put our minds at ease.

Coming into 2017 we dedicated a lot of hours in trying to find his sheds, however we never did find even one side. We put out a camera in our spot in May of this year hoping that we would get him on camera early to watch his progression . It wasn’t until July that we had our first pic of him where we could confirm it was him - He was back!  

July only yielded two or three pics of him and he only showed up on two different occasions in early August before he would disappear on camera.  For over two months, we never caught him on camera, and I was starting to have doubts that he just up and left for good.  At that point, I started setting my sights on a different deer.  But, in the back of my mind - knowing that rut was on its way and how crazy November can be - it kept my hopes alive. 

It was on Oct. 25th that He walked back into our lives getting a daylight picture of him!

As Oct the 28th rolled in and I knew a weather front was on its way, I got into my blind early. I was having the sit of my life as the deer woods staring coming alive around 4 pm. I probably saw around 30 deer by 5:15, when all the sudden the woods cleared and every deer in sight disappeared. I found out 6 neighboring head of cattle got across the fence and starting making their way down the tree grove!

Knowing that it was still early, I actually got out of my blind and scared the cows out.  I then snuck back into my blind, and it wasn’t even 10 mins later when I heard the thrashing of trees. And that is when I saw him and he was heading right in my direction! I quietly grabbed my bow ranged a tree that he was walking right for and when we came into my window I grunted and let the arrow fly. It wasn’t the best shot but I saw the rage enter then the blood pouring out of him as he ran off. I let him go for a couple hours and when we first got on the blood trail ,we knew it was all over. 

We tracked him a couple hundred yards before we were finally able to lay our hands on him. It was a bitter sweet moment. All our patience and hard work had came to an end, but pretty sweet to finally lay hands on him!  We ended up grossing him at 175 1/8 inches. He was only 14 inches wide, but I have never seen anything with so much mass. My biggest deer to date and my first Booner. 

Can't wait to get him on my wall. A deer that will give me a lifetime of memories, and it was an awesome journey to get him!!

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