My South Dakota Dream Season

This year I really went all out with my bow hunting. I put in more hours than ever before. Shooting my bow, scouting and just being ready. when the pronghorn season came I was real picky and I hunted hard. I saw something like 80 different bucks and only got my bow out for 3 of them. I was lucky enough to tag out on my best one ever. He decoyed better than I hoped he would when I set up on his water hole. When I got up to him I was amazed at the little 3rd unicorn like horn he had. Then bow deer came. In just a few weeks I had something like 96hrs of hunting deer with my bow. I was all over the place in 5 different counties in Western South Dakota. Hour after hour I had my eyes glued to my Vortex Razor spotting scope. I missed a real good chance at a true monster and was kind of in the dumps about it. I thought my real chance slipped away and I messed up. The next Saturday I was up again at 4am and out ready.............hunted hard all day long and that afternoon I set eyes on 2 real nice bucks like 2 miles away, and I had time to make a move on them. I got my gear together, downed a Powerade and moved in. When I got to the spot the deer where sparring in I could not find them. I set up and started glassing again. I was pretty sure they did not go far. after a good half hour I spotted them only 600-700 yds away. Watching me!!!! 

I backed out and took the long way..........there is no shortcuts in bowhunting..... and came in behind them with the wind in my favor. I could not figure out where to come over the bank, had no clue what cut they was under. then I spotted antler tips sticking up. I made my move and got about 25yards away. I was scared they would hear my foot steps yet alone my heart beat so..........not being able to do anything about my heart beat. I just settled with taking my boots off. I snuck my way threw the cactus and came over the top on this deer at 11-13 yards and drew my bow. The rest you can figure by my has been a real treat to get my best Pronghorn and Mule deer ever this year. Its even better that I got both of them on public ground. I have proved to myself that I can do whatever I put my mind to if I work at it hard enough. I also think I earned the right to sleep in this next weekend when it gets here. I have been up early week in and week out - just pushing it. I wouldn't change a thing......except I would buy the boot covers for your boots. no, shoes in western South Dakota prairies is dumb and hurts.


I am blessed to live where I do and to have the friends I do to go hunting with me and take pics and everything. minus a couple flat tires............its been the best season ever. This is my Dream Season and I still got a rifle deer tag for Nov.

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