Pair of Beasts

John and David Duffy,  had a GREAT opening day of SD West River rifle season! 

John tells the tale....

We scouted both bucks before season and snuck into position on their travel routes between the crop fields and their bedding areas early opening morning, about 45 minutes before shooting light.

The buck I ended up tagging appeared about 5 minutes after light and I watched him for about 5 minutes before I felt comfortable with a shot. He eventually started working his way closer down a ridge and finally was at 475 yards when I let my new 7mm Weatherby Accumark take its first shot hunting. The buck tumbled down the hill about 30 yards and ironically stopped rolling by landing on a shed antler. Dad got to watch the whole thing unfold from the next ridge over. My buck scores just over 200" gross.

Dad got his buck the last few minutes of legal shooting time on opening night after he came out of draw that we had seen him use about 5 times this fall. In fact, I stalked within 35 yards of him in October with my bow but couldn't get a clean shot off. The buck was chasing a doe hard and it ended up being the end of him. Dad shot his buck with his .300 Weatherby Magnum at 280 yards; the deer didn't take a step. Similarly, I got to be right with my dad as he took down this giant we had been able to get to know the last couple months. His buck scores right at 190".

These are our best deer ever and were both shot the same day on the same ridge! I think it is safe to say we will never have a better day of hunting than this and it will be a memory that will last us a lifetime!!!

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