Sealing the Deal

October 26, 2017 | By: Nick Marso

After crawling a couple hundred yards on Sunday to get in range of this mature buck with some velvet still left on him, I missed my shot at 50 yards. 

Sleeping wasn't easy on Sunday and Monday night, so I went back after him on Tuesday morning. The wind was perfect to make a stalk on him but it again required another 150 yards of crawling as he was bedded down on a side hill with 2 other bucks. Unfortunately the closest I could get was 90 yards, so I waited until they moved. 

As they began to move I continued to crawl with them eventually getting to 60 yards but with a strong crosswind I did not want to attempt a shot. They eventually moved out of my sight and into a feeder draw to the draw I was in. I went to the confluence of the two draws hoping they would make their way back and sure enough they did about 30 minutes later. 

With the wind still in my favor, I crouched down and waited for them to come to me. They did and this time he gave me a 20 yard shot that sealed the deal.

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