South Dakota’s 1000th Lion

Having to work opening day of the 2017-2018 mt. Lion season killed me. Know I could be out chasing cat and I was stuck running equipment. 

Second day of season I set out and got to my spot at about 10:00am. I did one set of call for a little over an hour. I had a trail camera not to far from where I was sitting that had a cat in it fairly frequently so I knew there was a cat in the area. After my first set I started walking with hopes of cutting a track. After about .5 miles I cut the track of the same cat I had in trail cam. After harvesting a 113 pound Tom last year with a print that was darn near bigger than my hand I knew it was a female. 

I walked to a steep cliff where the cat had been walking Just the night before I’m guessing. I set my call behind me and walked out to a point on the cliff and started calling. After about 45 minutes I had this cat a dead sprint straight down one Side of the canyon and up the other. Never in my life have I seen an animal move that quickly through the trees. It is something I will truly never forget. It started up my side of the canyon still at a dead sprint moving through some jack pine I could just see it’s tail bounceing around. Finally at 60 yards it hopped up in a big bolder and stopped for a split second and gave me a broad side shot. The .270 put her down. After shooting my tom last year 6 times with the 223 and Two days of hunting it it felt so good to see one shot one kill on a beautiful South Dakota lion. 

This cat weighed in at 86 pounds as a 5-6 year old. The gf&p also stated that since 1996 when they started tracking mortality of lions that this cat was the 1000th cat to die in South Dakota. Bring on another taxidermy bill baby!

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