GFP Finalizes 2016-17 Bobcat Hunting and Trapping Season

August 5, 2016 | By: SD GFP

The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) Commission finalized the 2016-17 and 2017-18 bobcat hunting and trapping season this week at their August meeting.

Since the season had no changes from last year, it will proceed under the same season structure and regulations.

The bobcat season dates are Dec. 26, 2016 - Feb. 15, 2017, for all counties west of the Missouri River and Dec. 26, 2016 - Jan. 22, 2017, for Bon Homme, Brule, Buffalo, Charles Mix, Clay, Hughes, Hutchinson, Hyde, Union and Yankton counties.

Trappers or hunters who participate in the bobcat season east river are limited to one bobcat per trapper or hunter.

A bobcat taken must be presented to a conservation officer or wildlife damage specialist for registration and tagging of the pelt within five days of harvest. Additionally, once the season has closed, an individual has 24 hours to notify a conservation officer or wildlife damage specialist of any untagged bobcats harvested during the season. The pelt must be removed from the carcass and the carcass must be surrendered to the conservation officer or wildlife damage specialist. After the pelt has been tagged, it shall be returned to the hunter or trapper. Upon request, the carcass may be returned to the hunter or trapper after the carcass has been inspected and the lower jaw has been removed. A person may only possess, purchase or sell raw bobcat pelts that are tagged through the eyeholes with the tag provided by the department.

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Columnist: SD GFP

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