GFP Finalizes Clarification on the Use of Air Guns While Hunting

In March, the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) Department proposed to lower the required muzzle velocity for air guns from 1,000 to 600 feet per second while hunting cottontail rabbits, red squirrels, fox squirrels and grey squirrels along with any predator/varmint.

At the April GFP Commission meeting, this proposal failed to receive a majority vote (4-4), and as a result the rule remains as originally written. All air guns will still be required to produce a muzzle velocity of at least 1,000 feet per second. Only hunting pellets are permitted.

Columnist: SD GFP

South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks manages SD's wildlife resources, parks, and outdoor recreational opportunities for the benefit of the people of this state and its visitors.  

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