GFP Commission Adopts the Use of Hounds when Hunting Mountain Lions outside the Black Hills

January 16, 2015 | By: GFP

The South Dakota Game Fish and Parks (GFP) Commission adopted a proposal originating from a petition received from the South Dakota Houndsman Association to allow the use of hounds for hunting mountain lions outside of the Black Hills Fire Protection District. This new rule allows resident hunters to use hounds to pursue mountain lions year-round on private land only with permission of the landowner or lessee, however, hunters may continue on School and Public Lands or Bureau of Land Management lands if the pursuit originates on private property.

Licensed hunters are only allowed to harvest one mountain lion during a season and they are not allowed to harvest a lion with a spotted coat. Licensed hunters must accompany the dog handler when the dogs are released and must continuously participate in the hunt thereafter until the hunt is completed.

This new rule will not be effective until 20 days after filed with the Secretary of State's Office.

All mountain lions harvested must be presented to a GFP representative within 24 hours of harvest for inspection. 

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