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September 10, 2015 | By: SDGFPSD GFP

Hunters, anglers and trappers in South Dakota will notice now when logging into their account through the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks’ (GFP) online licensing system that their small game, fishing or trapping license has a bar code in the upper right hand corner. This bar code allows GFP conservation officers to electronically scan the license on smartphone devices (Android, iPhone, etc.) while in the field in lieu of a paper copy.

Before heading into the field this fall, hunters, anglers and trappers can log into their GFP account from their device to view their small game, fishing or trapping license and take a picture or screenshot of it with their device (Android, iPhone, etc.).

This electronic version is an acceptable method of carrying a small game, fishing or trapping license. If hunter, anglers or trappers choose to print and carry a paper copy of their small game, fishing or trapping license, that continues to be an allowed practice.

This does not apply to federal waterfowl stamps, tags and licenses mailed from the GFP licensing office.

As technology evolves, GFP is committed to actively engaging with hunters, anglers and trappers across the state to provide them with the digital services that make it easier to do business with us.

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Columnist: SD GFP

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