Angry Archery Buck

November 8, 2017 | By: Zachary Whitlock

Well I was sitting there just grunting ever half hour had few does running around out in front of me, 5 minutes before sun down I looked to the left of my stand and see this bodied deer standing out in the corn with his noise to the ground, so I figure it was a buck! 

I started grunting at him and finally got his attentions he started running towards my stand, I wheezed a couple times.  At this point he was mad!

When he got to the edge of my trees he stopped and started digging in the ground - then I grunt at him again and he come around the pine tree in my site at about 30 yards and starts banging on the pine tree!

Then I grunted again he walked broadside at about 30 yards and stops and I pull back and shoot and he runs about 25 yards and tips over!

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