Brockhouse Lion

January 15, 2018 | By: Bradley Brockhouse

Dreams DO come true!  After 7 years of chasing lions my dream of getting one came true on January 3rd!

I have over 1200 game camera pics and have driven and hiked hundreds of miles in search of these magnificent creatures. I cut her tracks yesterday morning and after an arduous climb straight up a steep mountainside I came to a small area where the terrain flattened out a little. I set up my e-caller about 25 yards in front of me and nestled in some rocks for the calling sequence. Only 10 minutes into the set she appeared out of nowhere. I could just see her head and she crouched down and stalked forward a couple steps and that's when I had the opportunity to squeeze off a shot with the .270. She dropped instantly. It was surreal. What an amazing experience!!!!! We celebrated this together as a family as they knew the time I had invested waiting on this special day!!!

Brad's female lion officially weighed in at 93 pounds and was estimated to be 6.5 years old.

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