Fall River 2017 Buck

December 3, 2017 | By: Dally Foster

Was posted out on a little hill side, facing down on an open valley, figured I'd have a 150+ yard shot on a buck down in the valley. As dawn had come full-on I thought I seen movement coming in from behind me, so I turned with my monocular and seen this buck and a doe trailing him. He was about 100-150 yards back, I grabbed up my rifle to get a better look, quickly determined he was shootable, I wanted to be sure i'd have a perfect shot, but every time he went broadside and I got my rifle on him he'd start walking again. Eventually he started coming straight at me, jumped a fence behind me and I got down with my shooting stick on my knee, he stopped, staring right at me at 36 yards, realized my scope was set at 18 power, but I had to take the shot, dropped him straight down, he didn't take a single step.

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