First Turkey

April 21, 2016 | By: Jeremy McNinch

It is always a great time when I am able to take my kids hunting. Saturday morning was even more special. My son had his mentor spring turkey tag in hand and was ready to go. We walked to an area where we knew there would be some turkeys. As we quietly walked through the grass and trees I made a call with my diaphragm call. If I could have only captured the excitement on my son's face when a gobbler responded.

We situated ourselves in some brush and called again. This time we had gobbling coming from all directions. As we sat there we caught a glimpse of a gobbler from across the slough. A little while later and a few calls later he began to make his way over. Not only was he making his way over but he was putting on a show along the way. I could tell from a distance that it was a nice bird.

I told my son to get his gun up and ready. As the bird was slowly approaching I could see the gun begin to sway and my son whisper that it was getting heavy. I told him to lower it and rest. The gobbler continued to approach and hung up about 15 yards out.

All we could see was the red head and my son asked me if he should shoot. Wishing that it would come closer I knew this was going to be our one chance. He slowly raised his gun and took the safety off. I told him to take his time and put the sight on the top of his head.

All of a sudden the shotgun went off and the bird dropped! He sat there in awe and I told him to go get it. I think that was the fastest I have ever seen him jump up. He sprinted to the bird with the biggest smile I have seen.

After a few pictures and high fives we loaded up the bird. He was already talking about next year's hunt. It is times like these that I will cherish forever.

The gobbler had a 9 inch beard and weighed 22 pounds. Soon he will have it hanging on the wall to show off!

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