The Elusive 8

November 7, 2016 | By: Tanner Davis

Walked into my stand this morning and was interrupted by a young buck chasing a doe to the south of me. Took a few stepped and looked to the south and he was chasing her right to me so I had to stop shy of my stand and wait it out. The doe that was in heat brought out the only mature buck I had on camera within 40 yards downwind of me. I couldn't move because one of the three deer were always looking a in my direction and I didn't want to get busted. An overhanging limb prevented a shot at the decent 4x4 I had in camera. I paused for a few minutes while the bucked followed the energetic doe to the SE corner of the grove and proceeded to follow them using two silos as a barrier to not let them see me. Once I got to a better vantage point I realized the mature 4x4 gave me the slip. As I was classing the grove I ranged a few spots just in case they came back in got on the does tail. When I scanned back to the west I noticed a solo deer feeding in the alfalfa and once he picked his head up I knew right away he was a shooter. I was amazed because in the 6 weeks I had cameras up in this grove, I had never seen this buck. Anyways, so he slowly worked his way east towards the silos I was nestled against and came 60 yards to give me a broadside shot at roughly 32 yards where I sealed the deal. He made it 100 yards and crashed on the west end of the grove. Couldn't be happier with how this went this morning! With a broken off browtine he green scored at 133 3/8. My biggest bow buck to date!

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