Black Hills Deer Hunting Season

Season Dates: Nov. 1-30, 2017
Application Deadline: July 14, 2017
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Deer in the Black Hills were abundant when explorers arrived in the mid 1870s, a decade later few were found. Managing the deer herd in the beautiful hills is a challenge for GFP, and details of that challenge can be seen in our

The Black Hills is mountainous area that can reach 7,000 feet. The area is covered by beautiful stands of Black Hills spruce, ponderosa pine, aspen and bur oak. The area encompasses 2.3 million acres, of which over three-fourths is open to public hunting.

Whitetails dominate the hills, making up 75 percent of the deer herd. Mule deer can be found in the north, the area west of Custer, and in the foothills surrounding the Black Hills.

  • Season Dates:
    Black Hills Deer - Nov. 1-30, 2017