Bobcat Hunting Season

Season Dates: See Below

Daily Limit:

West River: Unrestricted

East River: 1 Per Hunter

Shooting Hours: Unrestricted

Hunting Season:  To Be Determined Pending GFP Commission Action (Information will be available early October)

Whole carcass and pelt of each bobcat taken must be presented to GFP personnel for registration and tagging within 5 days of harvest. Once season is closed, an individual has 24 hours to notify a Conservation Officer or Wildlife Damage Specialist of any untagged bobcats harvested during the season.

No person may possess, purchase, or sell raw bobcat pelts that are not legally tagged.

Trapping Season: 

  • West River - Dec. 26 - Feb. 15, 2015
  • East River - Dec. 26 - Jan 18, 2015 (Buffalo, Brule, Charles Mix, Bon Homme, Yankton Counties)