Landowner Antelope Hunting Season

Season Dates: 2017 - TBD

A resident farmer or rancher must own or lease for agricultural purposes a minimum of 160 acres of privately-owned farm or ranch land and actually reside on the land, or be an owner- operator of the land, to qualify. This license restricts the holder to the taking of the big game animals as designated on the license only from the privately-owned farm or ranch lands owned or leased by the resident farmer or rancher.

The applicant may not already have a license for the regular season. Either the owner or operator/lessee of the land may qualify for this preference. Immediate family members are eligible, and include spouse, children living at home, and children who reside on land owned and operated by the resident farmer or rancher.

Corporate landowner/operators who reside on and actively participate in and direct the daily workings on the farm or ranch may also purchase these licenses. Absentee corporate landowners do not qualify.