Mourning Dove Hunting Season

Season Dates: Sept. 1 - Nov. 9, 2017

Daily Limit: 15
Possession Limit: 45

Mourning doves are found almost everywhere in South Dakota. The prefer grasslands, open woodlands, agricultural fields, and residential areas. Primary foods are seeds and small grains.

Mourning doves are typically hunted early morning and at dusk as they travel from feed (often grain fields) to water and back.

Mourning doves are notoriously sensitive to cold weather, and may migrate out of the state as the evenings grow frosty.

Here are some dove hunting restrictions to keep in mind:

  • You may not hunt on or within 50 yards of a public road
  • You may not shoot at a dove not flying
  • You may not hunt doves with a shotgun capable of holding more than three shells
  • You may not hunt doves in state park or recreation areas, except that portion of Angostura State Recreation Area lying west of the dam