Non-Trophy Buffalo Hunting Season

Season Dates: Mid-October

The purpose of the non-trophy bison hunt is to remove excess cows and bulls, (primarily two year old bulls), from the herd. A guide will locate this class of animal for your selection.

*South Dakota Administrative Rules requres the hunter to be guided during this one-day hunt.

* Rifles must be at least .270 caliber and generate a minimum of 2,200-foot-pounds of energy at the muzzle. Typical shot distance is 50-100 yards.

* You may archery hunt. Your equipment will be required to meet restrictions.  Archers should be proficient out to 50 yards; however, often we can get within 25 yards.

FEE:  Bull: $2,250 - Cow: $1,750

DRAW: 7 non-trophy bull and 5 non-trophy cow licenses are allocated to a residents-only draw.

Permits are available to both SD residents and non-residents