Prairie Firearms Elk Hunting Season

Season Dates: See Application
Application Deadline: May 19, 2017

The prairie elk season gives elk hunters a chance at harvesting an elk outside of Custer State Park and the regular Black Hills elk units. This season covers several counties west of the Missouri river and outside of the Black Hills Fire Protection District.

South Dakota residents who have not received a prairie firearms elk license in the preceding nine years are eligible to apply. Preference can be switched within season units, but not between different seasons. In other words, preference for a Black Hills unit cannot be used for a prairie elk unit or a Custer State Park unit.

Season Dates:

  • Prairie Elk Units have different season dates for each specific unit. Please refer to the application at right for dates in each respective unit.

NOTE: Most of the land within this unit is privately owned. It is recommended you secure permission from several landowners to hunt before applying for a license.