Youth Waterfowl Hunting Season

Season Dates: Pending

Daily Limit:

Ducks - Same as the regular duck season limits, including mergansers and coots

Canada Geese - Daily limit is 15 in the part of the state designated as Unit 1 during the September Canada Goose Season; limit is 3 in the rest of the state

Possession Limit: Twice the daily limit.

One weekend has been set aside for youth waterfowl hunting opportunity before the regular waterfowl seasons begin. The season is open statewide.

This is an opportunity for adults to introduce young people to the joys and responsibility of hunting. An adult must accompany the youth on this hunt and the adult may not hunt ducks. The adult may hunt in other open seasons, including the Early Fall Canada Goose Season.

Youth ages 12-15 are eligible for this season. Youth who have reached age 16 by the first day of the season may not hunt.

Also, resident youth ages 10-15 who are participating in the Mentored Hunt program may hunt during the Youth Waterfowl Season.

Resident youth must possess a valid Youth Small Game License ($5) and the State Migratory Bird Certification ($5).

Nonresident youth must possess one of the standard Nonresident Waterfowl licenses. Licenses are limited in number and must be applied for through a lottery drawing.