A Trophy of a Lifetime Taxidermy Studio

Jamie McNutt
17417 404th Ave,Doland, SD 57436
(605) 460 - 1221
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A Trophy of a Lifetime Taxidermy Studio Review

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54321  November 22, 2014
Jamie Boesdorfer

Very detailed work on my deer, received it back in less than a year. Don't let his reasonable prices shy you away. Jamie is great to deal with and I can't wait to get my next trophy!

54321  November 25, 2014

he has done several mounts for my son and me. badger,weasel ,fish and birds . they look great. he has good prices . fast turn around . he is a good guy to deal with . you cant go wrong when you have him do your mount.

54321  November 25, 2014
Rolland Barrie

Reliable taxidermist, great quality and don't have to wait years to get your trophies back. We have had deer and fish done by him.

54321  November 25, 2014
Laird Larson

Jamie has done several mounts for me also from small to large. I've been pleased with everything so far. Compared to many he is fast and reasonable. Will take more to him in time.

54321  November 26, 2014
Grant Rahm

First rate work, with a great turn around! Very easy to deal with!

54321  November 27, 2014
Craig Hansen

Jamie does great work and has excellent turn around time! I couldn't be happier with my Trophy hanging on the wall!

54321  December 6, 2014
Dillon Law

One word.... AMAZING! I could not be happier with ANY of my numerous trophies done by him! Amazing quality work, super fast turn around time and don't have to wait years to get trophies back, and amazing price! Would recommend to anyone and everyone!